Saturday, October 6, 2012

Sale Alert!
If you are looking for some unique furnishing, builds or landscaping items you want to visit Syrenz Shadows for this sale.

EVERYTHING on the entire sim is 50%off!
Plants, Gorean, Gothic, Beach, Off-Sims, Shapes,
Waterfalls, Furniture, Prefabs!
Even all the Halloween items!
ALL WEEKEND! @ Syrenz Shadowz!

Sunday, September 23, 2012

~ Syrenz Shadowz ~

Syrenz is where you can find all your outdoor decor for land and home, including both PG & adult items. Here you'll find everything from landscaping plants and trees to outdoor seating arrangements, Ruins, bonfires, gazebos and more. We carry many styles for your needs from sunny beach decor to dark Gothic styles we have just what you need for your parcel to make it the SL of your dreams!

Visit Syrenz Shadowz today and get started building the SL of your dreams

Here is our Off-Sim Shipwreck we have many off-sim Decor items for you to choose from.

This wonderfful little Beach Island Hangout is a NEW item at Syrenz that features couple animations as well as Singles for a nice Island Beach campfire side hangout for you and your friends.

At Syrenz we carry All kinds of Dark Gothic style land Decor from Dark Ruins like this Ruins of Purgatoria setting to blood red Trees and Waterfalls. If you are into Gothic and Dark styles we have lots to choose from for your needs.

We'll be back to show you more great builds from Syrenz soon!
Owner Rogue Kinomis
& Designer DragonSoul Draconia

Friday, September 7, 2012

Syrenz is now in the Twisted Hunt! Have a look at the hunt prize!
You have until Sept 30th to find it! Enjoy!